ATA Worldwide tournament season is underway with the next regional tournament scheduled for April 22nd at the Mirenda Center in Aston, PA. The ATA Penn Classic regional tournament is hosted by West Chester ATA.

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Tournaments are a great way to advance your martial arts training, make new friends, and have a ton of fun! There are many different events that you can compete in – forms, weapons, sparring, and combat sparring (for camo belts and above), as well as creative and extreme forms and weapons.

What are the benefits of competing in ATA tournaments? In an interview, when asked what makes ATA tournaments so great, World Champion and Master, Jesse Isaacs, says “All of our experts agreed—FAMILY!

Fairy Degener, 5th Degree Black Belt, and two-time World Champion agree! Tournaments create family, “We’re all there to support each other. I have never seen a struggling form or weapons competitor ridiculed. Instead, they are cheered on by fellow competitors and spectators who are encouraging perseverance in finishing the routine and to do their best.”

Read the full interviews with Master Jesse Isaacs and Fairy Degener and learn more about ATA tournaments by clicking here.


ATA Penn classic tournament flyer