We found a great article in Black Belt Magazine about how much the ATA has grown in the past 3 years! You can read the whole post by clicking here, but we summed it up for you below.

The post “ATA International Continues to See Soaring Numbers in 2023” shows how much the ATA has expanded in a post-Covid world.

ATA Martial Arts is thriving in this new landscape. Their tournaments, ranging from World Championships to in-school competitions, have seen remarkable growth.

The 2022 Fall Nationals in Pittsburgh set records as the largest event in ATA’s history. The recent Spring Nationals in Dallas drew over 2,171 competitors, surpassing the 2022 World Championships.

This success is attributed to innovative programs like ATA MAX and Martial Arts Kids, promoting values and community. ATA’s unified organization fosters growth and purpose, making it stronger than ever.

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