We had to share about two inspiring ATA International students – Myra (17 years old) and Samya (12 years old). These remarkable young women from the ATA community are on a mission to make a difference. In the summer of 2021, they took the initiative to conduct a self-defense workshop for 65 girls at a shelter home in Bangalore, India.

Faced with challenges such as limited training space, language barriers, mask mandates, and the need to avoid direct contact, Myra and Samya persevered. The girls, aged 5-16, had been deprived of outdoor activities and sports during the pandemic. Despite initial resistance and the perception of classes as mere ‘fun,’ the young leaders remained committed to their cause.

Recognizing the significance of empowering girls, especially in India, Myra and Samya dedicated themselves to establishing a long-lasting Taekwondo program. Over the next year and a half, they overcame obstacles, securing training space at a neighboring school, and developing lesson plans encompassing basic forms, weapons, and self-defense moves.

The hard work paid off as the first group of girls completed their tests, earning orange belts. Myra reflects, “Learning Taekwondo has been one of the most enriching experiences of our lives.” Buoyed by this success, the girls are committed to achieving ATA black belts, embracing progress, and spreading the joy of Taekwondo.

Myra and Samya Kheterpal exemplify the transformative power of dedication, overcoming challenges, and empowering others through martial arts. Their story inspires other ATA International students to make a positive impact in our communities!

We are proud of our ATA Community! To read the full article by ATA International click here.