ATA Spring Nationals is coming soon to Dallas Texas! This national-level event is happening on March 1-4th 2023 at the Kay Bailey Convention Center in Dallas. This event will feature hundreds of competitors from across the world competing towards the goal of being World Champ. The competitors range from white belts to black belts from ages 3 to 99.

There are many different events that competitors can compete in including Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Sparring, Combat Sparring, XMA Forms and Weapons, Creative Forms and Weapons, and Team Sparring.

Competition is not the only exciting event that takes place during Nationals. There are also multiple training events that take place for students of all ages and levels! This is an incredible opportunity for any student to be able to train with master instructors from around the world.

Some color belt training events include color belt Gum Do Weapons Training and color belt Sshang Nat Weapons Training. Both are open to any color belt enrolled as a Legacy Student ages 16 and up! Another cool color belt training that is being offered is “Color Belt Weapons: 2023 Weapons Competition Roll Out.” Black Belt Weapons training events include learning Mid-Range Jahng Bong and Jee Pahng Ee from some of the highest-ranked instructors in the ATA!

There are also training events for both black belts and color belts to boost their competition performance! One of these training events is “Weapons to the MAX” seminar to help competitors MAXimize their skills. The description of the event is “Weapons to the MAX will focus on fundamental strikes, weapon tricks, and performance elements for all weapons. Join the ATA MAX top-ranked instructors for a high-intensity, exciting and mind-blowing seminar!” There is also “Injury Prevention and Performance Training” which is open to any ATA student ages 16 and up.

Even more exciting is to be able to train with with Presiding Grand Master M. K. Lee himself at “Traditional Songahm Taekwondo Training!” This incredible opportunity allows any ATA student 13 years and up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with Grand Master Lee!

Even if the thought of competing scares you there are plenty of other reasons why you should check out ATA’s Spring Nationals. For more information or to register for Nationals click here.