We wanted to share this exciting news from ATA Worldwide about Master Nominee Anjali Vallury. Master Nominee Vallury is ATA’s 1st Indian Woman Master Nominee.

Master Nominee Vallury has over 27 years of martial arts training. She began training at the age of 6 at Vision Martial Arts and has trained under Chief Master Michael Wegman, Chief Master Kowkabany, and Chief Masters Mark and Barbara Sustaire.

We loved this quote in ATA’s post “Martial Arts became a way for Master Anjali Vallury to maintain balance in life. She learned to adapt to different scenarios, stay grounded when life throws you curveballs, and to take every experience and interaction as a learning opportunity.“

Master Nominee Vallury’s groundbreaking achievement is significant in the ATA. She said, “Growing up, there were very few Indians that participated in martial arts, let alone dared to choose it as a career.” She credits her daughter for playing an influential role in becoming a master. “I noticed how impactful it was for my daughter to see me pursue my passions. This solidified that ATA would be a part of my past, present, and future”. Becoming a Master also allows her to have a greater impact in the South Asian community, especially in Hyderabad, India where her family is from.

Master Nominee Vallury is an amazing role model for all ATA students! You can read the full article on her by clicking here.