Chief Master Tammy Harvey-Stauber from Little Rock achieved the rank of ninth-degree black belt making her the highest-ranking woman in ATA International.

With over 50 years in taekwondo, she’s a leader, instructor, and role model. She’ll pursue the Grand Master title in 2024 after intensive training.

Her contributions to martial arts include instruction, coaching, and leadership, inspiring both men and women. Her dedication to ATA’s vision and her achievements make her an esteemed figure in the martial arts community.

Chief Master Harvey-Stauber says her passion for taekwondo comes from her instructor, Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, founder of ATA International. She is dedicated to preserving  Eternal Grand Master’s original vision and devotion to the sport.

Chief Master Harvey-Stauber currently serves as Chief Ambassador for ATA International at the global headquarters in Little Rock.