🍂🕰️ Time to Fall Back and Keep Kicking! 🥋

As the leaves change colors and the days grow shorter, it’s that time of year again. Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end, which means it’s time to turn back the clock and embrace the cozy, darker evenings. At Liberty Martial Arts, we’ve got some valuable tips and reminders for our martial arts enthusiasts during this transition.

🥋 1. Extra Time for Training: With the clock set back, you gain an extra hour on November 5th. Why not use this extra time to attend an additional training session, work on perfecting your technique, or spend it with your fellow martial arts enthusiasts? Every minute counts on your journey to mastering taekwondo!

🌙 2. Adjust Your Schedule: Don’t let the earlier sunset deter you from your training routine. Adjust your schedule to ensure you can make it to your LMA classes on time. We understand the importance of consistency, and our instructors are here to support you in maintaining your practice.

🔦 3. Stay Safe: As the daylight dwindles, it’s essential to stay safe during your commute to and from the dojo. Make sure to wear reflective clothing, use proper lighting, and be extra cautious on the roads and sidewalks. Your safety is our top priority!

🌆 4. Embrace the Change: Fall offers a unique atmosphere with its crisp air and autumnal beauty. Embrace the change in seasons and use it as an opportunity to connect with your martial arts journey on a deeper level. Enjoy the serenity of the evening as you focus on your training.

🕰️ 5. Don’t Forget to Turn Back: Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour on November 5th at 2:00 AM. This ensures you won’t miss any of your karate classes.

At LMA, we’re here to support you every step of the way, regardless of the season or time change. Keep kicking, stay motivated, and make the most out of your martial arts journey!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our friendly team.

Let’s make this fall an exciting chapter in your martial arts adventure!