Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

There’s a hero unseen, in our midst, like a dream.

With arms that embrace and a heart that’s so true, Mom, you’re our hero, in all that you do.

You wield your love like a shield, strong and bold, Protecting us fiercely, through stories untold.

With a smile that lights up even the darkest of days, You chase all our fears and worries away.

In the kitchen, you conjure magical feasts, Turning simple ingredients into comforting treats.

Your superpower? It’s love, in every dish, Nourishing our bodies, fulfilling every wish.

With patience as endless as the ocean’s vast tide, You guide us with wisdom, our fears set aside.

Through laughter and tears, you stand by our side, Your presence, a beacon, our constant guide.

You juggle a million tasks, with grace and with ease, Balancing work, home, and whatever life sees.

With each gentle touch and each tender kiss, You mend all our wounds with a mother’s bliss.

So here’s to you, Mom, our superhero so grand, In your loving embrace, we’ll forever stand.

On this Mother’s Day, we honor you true, For you’re not just a hero, but our world too.