We hope everyone had a great holiday break and is keeping cool! We will be back on our regular class schedule again beginning Monday, July 31st.

Black Belts please note that Monday will continue to be black belt weapons but Wednesday will now be black belt sparring. All black belts should attend the Tuesday/Thursday classes each week and then may add Monday/Wednesday for additional training opportunities.

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August Rank Advancement Camp – Additional Spots Now Open!

We have received a number of calls asking about August Rank Advancement Camp so we have decided to open up a limited amount of additional spaces.

Take advantage of this opportunity if you would like to get a jump on your next rank or midterm (or to get caught up if you have been traveling, at camp, etc).

Currently the camp is about 1/3 teens and 2/3 kids (we know the teens all ask!).

Tap Here For August RAT Camp Details and To Register

West Windsor National Night Out 2023

We invite you to come visit the LMA Team Tuesday (August 1st) at this year’s National Night Out. It’s going to be a great night and we hope to see everyone there.

Testing Requirements

Our instruction team has been getting questions about when testing is and what is required etc. If you did not have a chance to review the LMA Testing Requirements they can be viewed by tapping here.

Membership Update

As we announced last month we have prorated about 1/2 of the members who will begin billing on August 1st. All remaining members will have their monthly membership fee prorated in August and will move billing on the 1st beginning September 1st.

LMA School Updates

You can view past and current LMA school updates anytime by tapping the link below (you may want to add it to your favorites!).

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LMA Community News

Check out the latest news, events, announcements, and articles on our community news and information page.

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As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


The Liberty Martial Arts Team