Thank you to Ms. O’Brien and the faculty and students at West Windsor High School North for allowing LMA to participate in this year’s SEL Day!

Mark Harris, Chief Instructor at Liberty Martial Arts, presented a great session to North students on “Inner Resilience: Easy To Learn Mental and Physical Self-Defense Strategies.”

The session was a reality-based self-defense session that empowers participants with the knowledge and simple techniques they can use to protect themselves. Participants will learn techniques and strategies for avoiding and de-escalating potential threats, staying calm, and staying focused during high-stress situations.

SEL Day, or Social-Emotional Learning Day, is an annual global campaign that aims to raise awareness and promote the importance of social-emotional learning in all aspects of education. SEL Day aims to highlight the importance of this type of learning and encourage schools, educators, and parents to incorporate it into their teaching and parenting practices.