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Confidence Building Martial Arts for Ages 3-6

LMA Tigers Program Benefits

Membership fee: $150 per month.
No long term contract required. Cancel anytime online for travel or other activities.
No additional enrollment, cancellation, or re-enrollment fees.
Classes are available Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30-6:00 pm.
Attend unlimited classes each week.
Curriculum developed specifically for pre-school and kindergarten students by ATA International.
Free New Student Martial Arts Uniform at Enrollment ($50 value).
Students progress into the Martial Arts Kids program when they turn 7 at an advanced beginner rank.

Liberty Martial Arts Benefits:

Free trial week allows new students to experience martial arts classes at LMA without cost or commitment.
Internationally recognized ATA age based curriculum and standardized rank system for students ages 3-6, 7-11, and 12+
Conveniently located in Ellsworth Village Square at 33 Princeton Hightstown Rd  Princeton Junction (adjacent to Walgreens and in the plaza with Domino's, Dunkin Donuts, Shanghai Bun, Subway and Bank of Princeton).
ATA International Licensed location. Receive ATA Worldwide National Membership and become part of the largest martial arts organization in the country.
Belt ranks earned at LMA are registered with ATA and are recognized worldwide at over 1000 licensed ATA locations.
4th Degree Black Belt Chief Instructor, Mark Harris, has over 18 years of teaching experience.
Background Checked Instructors.
CPR & First Aid Certified Instructors.
Exclusive member's only LMA mobile app for iOS and android with supplemental course material, rank and attendance history, instructor/staff messaging, and pro-shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of trial offer do you have?

Students may experience a week of classes for free! Classes are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (schedule varies based on age see schedule above).

What is your pricing after my trial?

For students ages 7 and older our Introductory Course is $199 and includes your first 2 belt ranks (about 2-3 months to complete and graduate). Everyone learns at a different pace and has different schedules so it will vary with each student.

For students ages 3-6 we offer a cancel anytime monthly membership program for $150 per month.

We do not charge additional fees for belt promotions or ATA Worldwide national membership.

What if I need to take a break, travel, or participate in other activities?

No problem!

Courses purchased for students 7 and older have no expiration date. You can stop and resume attending classes anytime you'd like.

Students in our 3-6 year old program may cancel online anytime and then re-enroll when they are ready to return. We do not charge any re-enrollment fee.

Are there any other additional fees?

Like other activities, martial arts does require a uniform and some safety equipment as students unlock new levels of training. To get started all students will need is a good attitude and support from their family and friends. When you enroll, our gift to you is your uniform!

We also offer optional special events, camps, tournaments, and merchandise that may be purchased.

Can my child participate in other activities while doing martial arts?

Yes. Since martial arts is a year round activity, we have had many successful Black Belts participate in other seasonal activities while training, however, we will still recommend 2 classes per week for individual growth and belt promotion. We offer private lessons for those extra busy seasons where it may be hard to make it to regular class.

When do students earn a new belt?

Belt Promotions are held every month for students who meet the standards to advance and complete their attendance requirements. Typically students will be ready to test for new belts every 2-3 months.

How long does it take to get a 1st Degree Black Belt?

While Black Belt isn't the only goal, it typically takes students 7 and older about 3-4 years depending on how often they attend classes, test for rank, and learn their curriculum. Students 3-6 will take approximately 1-4 years longer depending on their age and ability to learn the required curriculum.

Are Black Belts earned at LMA recognized worldwide?

Yes! All belt ranks earned at Liberty Martial Arts are registered with ATA Worldwide, The largest martial arts organization in the US. Belts are recognized at over 1000 ATA schools worldwide.

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