Check out this article we found by Sylvan Learning Centers on “11 New Year’s School Resolutions for Students!” It lists 11 different ways parents can help students work to improve their mindset when it comes to school. We choose our top 3 that we liked from the article and listed them below. They focus on goal setting since that is such an important aspect of earning your Black Belt!

Write Down Goals: The article states that writing down goals “Can help kids take ownership of their goals and makes it personal. If your child is old enough, have him or her personally write down the goals.” Work with your child to write goals for each marking period. Make sure those goals are realistic, too. If your child got a B in Math in Marking Period 1, don’t make an A+ the goal for Marking Period 2. Start with the goal of a B+ and when your child hits that goal then raise the goal up for Marking Period 3!

Hold Regular Check-ins to Evaluate Progress: We love this idea! “Designate a specific day of the week and time to review goals. This can be based on your family’s schedule, whether it’s taking 5-10 minutes to discuss goals first thing in the morning or right before bed.” This will help your child stay focused on their goals. Don’t forget to provide encouragement as well! Encouraging your child’s progress during these check-ins are a great way to help them stay motivated and proud of their success along the way.

Re-strategize if Necessary: If life has taught us anything over the past 3 years it’s that the unexpected can change anyone’s plans. Your child may be on a great path to accomplishing their goals when something might go wrong – a bad case of the flu, a death in the family, etc. These are unavoidable situations that could prevent your child from reaching their goals. It is important to emphasize to your child that they are not a “failure” if they do not reach their goal. “If your child hasn’t achieved their goals, it may be time to rethink how to approach them. Breaking down goals into smaller, more manageable chunks and setting deadlines can help.”

At the end of the day, your child’s success is a journey, not a one-time event! It is important for parents to work to encourage their children to reach their goals as well as be understanding when things go wrong. Your children look to YOU as a role model and guide on their journey. The way you react to setbacks and difficulties will be mirrored by your child and that can make such a difference in how and when your child will achieve their goals.

Click here to read the full article and see all 11 listed by Sylvan Learning Center