In a heartwarming initiative, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School students, Shreyas and Ishan, are embarking on a mission to spread happiness and help senior citizens in our community.

They’ve launched a campaign to collect old iPods or MP3 players, aiming to bring the gift of music to those at Bear Creek Assisted Living.

Research shows that listening to familiar music can improve cognitive function and boost mental well-being – especially in seniors!

If you’d like to contribute to this wonderful cause, consider donating your old MP3 players. Every device collected brings us one step closer to spreading joy to our beloved senior citizens. Reach out to to arrange your donation.

If you do not have an old MP3 player you can also help by donating via their GoFundMe by clicking here! 

You can also volunteer with them as well! Contact Musical Minds via their email for more info.


May be a graphic of ‎digital audio player and ‎text that says '‎MUSICAL MINDS ×ל よ DONATE YOUR USED IPODS AND MP3 PLAYERS FOR SENIORS ن Who are We? Agroup of high school students who are working with seniors at Bear Creek assisted living and creating personalized music playlists for them to enrich their lives Why? Research shows that listening to familiar music improves both cognition and mood in seniors. How can you help? To donate your used iPods or MP3 players, please contact us. fyou prefer to donate money, please click on the link. Link: minds Contact:‎'‎‎