Check out this article we found on the importance of outdoor play in a child’s life. The article goes in-depth on some of the reasons a parent may have for not wanting to allow a child to play outdoors in today’s society and also the benefits of allowing your child to do so!

In the article, it says that children today are playing significantly less outdoors than in previous generations. Board-certified psychologist, Traci S. Williams, says children are “outdoor play deficit.” By spending less time outdoors they are potentially missing out on the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional benefits.

In addition to the physical benefits it provides, it can also boost your child’s mental wellness. As the article states, “For cognitive benefits, Karina Linch, chief product officer at¬†BrainPOP, says “being outside is relaxing and reduces stress. Being in nature can reduce depression, improve your mood, and even help focus.”

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There are plenty of places to bring your child outdoors to play in West Windsor! We have our beautiful Mercer County Parks and in the summer you can take your child to Waterworks Aquatic Center!