Belt testings are happening this week!

Color Belts and ATA Tigers be testing in regular classes from Feb 27th – March 3rd.
Students will receive their belts at graduation on March 1st and 2nd.

In taekwondo, belt testing is the way we measure a student’s progress. Students will be tested on material they learned throughout the cycle such as forms, sparring combinations, one-steps, weapons, combat weapons, and/or self-defense. When a student passes a test, they receive their new belt as a measure of their achievement.

Testing is different for each rank and each rank comes with different requirements. For example, when testing for an orange belt the student may only need to know their form and weapons while forms, weapons, sparring, and combat weapons may be required for testing for a brown belt.

The ATA’s Belt Ranking System is shown below. All new students start at white belt and then progress from there to black belt. For more information about belt testing and what rank you are going to next, speak to an LMA Instructor.